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But should be reaching for a nice, sticky chocolate sauce instead? University of Cambridge researchers analysed the chemical compounds shared by different ingredients in 56,498 online recipes, and found some rather unexpected pairings. Dr Sebastian Ahnert says, It has led to something called computational gastronomy. But the research also threw up some unusual pairings which even the boldest chefs are yet to try such as beef and chocolate, white chocolate and caviar, pork and vanilla and chicken served with kelp seaweed. Dr Ahnert said, Coffee and potato share a lot of compounds so I made mashed potato with milky coffee. It was horrible. But Ive had a dish in Paris with coffee and potato that worked. So the execution is a big part it and that is where chefs can really help. Cooking can also alter compounds so we need to do some work predicting how that can change a flavour profile. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK. Reblog

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